The wind against my face
With no one around
To see I’m part of the human race
Going at my own pace
I don’t care for empty platitudes
I don’t wanna talk to you

I’ll be alone in my own mind
And I don’t care cause I got the time
I don’t keep on your watch
I don’t walk the line
Not so linear
In this head of mine

I’m always in the wrong place
For I don’t fit in, anyway
So what do I care if I step behind
Never keeping up
With you men in your ties
It’s just a noose around your neck

I’m running loose
Cause, what the heck
I don’t need those shiny shoes
I won’t slick my hair back
And look like you

I’ll listen to Bob Dylan
In my car with the window open
On a winters day
Cuz we got the blues
And only the wind knows what to do.

Writing on the spot

I’m getting a little out of breath
Finding these words for this marathon
I think I’m a little out of my depth
Can I keep going on?
Let’s see if I can think of a rhyme
From the top of my head
Hit it
This is my time
Crushing that lime?
Being hydrated is my favourite pastime!
Are you ready for this ragtime
Premonition in song of a good night
Who says I can’t be a one man band
I’ve got it all in my sights!
Look at me man
Drowning in this
What the fuck it is
I don’t know
I’m writing for NaPoWriMo!

High horses

They saddle up on their high horses
And frown on us
Cause they think they know
The Man
And they don’t see the blood
On their hands
‘Cause they think
The Man will understand

And they preach that when
the man comes around
We’ll be the gallows rumour
Suspended over the gallows humour
Burning feet first
For all the blessings cursed
And every prayer is just rehearsal
For when the flames immerse us

Upon their high horses
They will frown upon us…

Cause they think they know
The man

©Silverbackgorillapoetry 2016 July


The music continues


The music continues
Like it’s all not happening
It’s surreal
Noticing time doesn’t stop
When tragedy strikes the clock
It keeps ticking
Time not registering
Your departure
And the music continues
I sit back in my chair
Drinking up the empty air
Dust in my lungs
Grief stricken
and it’s so surreal
How time doesn’t care
How it doesn’t just stop there
Spits you out and strips you bare
And the music continues

© 2016 June