It’s gonna be a slow day
I’m taking in the view
As if I’m still watching you
Because you’re the valve

That’s missing from my heart
And I need you
To put me in the wrong direction
So I can get high
And then fall back down to earth
Cuz right now I’m in limbo
And from this point of view
All I can see is you
And what I shouldn’t have said or done
I need a catalyst

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I can’t let you bring me

back down

you don’t even try

just your words

your existence

makes me frown

it’s not that I’m angry

I’m not

I’m just full of fuck

and I’m trying to

get rid of the push and pull


you are my resistance

to recovery

you are the insistence

I lack courage

You are the eyes

That say, “he can’t do this.”

You reflect

My own thoughts of me