Sunday wordle: I will not linger (Or perhaps I will I can’t seem to help myself.)

I will not linger in the storms you pass
That’s a lie, I know I will
all the signs are there
or rather torn apart
that you’ve been through
and I’m sick of you
and myself
because you leave carnage in your wake
some subtle some not so
and I always chase after these feelings
and afterthoughts
anger tinged with sadness
but I prefer the anger
till I do something rash
then I regret how I left myself
drifting in your storm
you cast a spell on my mind
treading through your footprints
knowing you’re always one step ahead
always watching
I can’t afford sympathy for you anymore
Probably neither the anger
but in your storms, I drift
and in my mind you fritter away my thoughts


Naked before you
I stand betrayed
You kneel as if to pray
And your lips pucker
As you tread a fine line
Teasing, pleasing
Wanting forgiveness
You swallow
Your pride
And you take it in
Let it seep down
And I know
You’ll betray my trust again
But that only makes this easier

Worlds apart
I stand estranged
You smoke me like a cigarette
This will be a night we’ll regret
But for now we don’t care
It’s all we get
In the moment
We’re trying to reconnect
Nothing matters
Trying to hold on to the fragments

Tears fall to your hair
From my face
But I don’t care
My heart feels something
With every beat
But I know our love
Will not be

And when you look up
Back at me
See my tears you come up to my face
And you wipe them away
It’s all I ever dreamed of
A woman who would care
And you kiss me like a tragedy
Over and over
Begging forgiveness

And inside my chest
I feel the fullness
And I expand
And burst in your
Betraying arms

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If you it is familiar and you’re thinking “I used to follow this gorilla” then stalk me again, bitches!

Voice: Do you think calling them all bitches will get them to pay you attention?

I’m too gorilla to care.

Voice: Too gorilla or too vanilla?

Next time, find a rhyme for orange, arsehole.