Keeping bulls in cages

In my resistance
these thoughts become more insistent
restraining these feelings
Acting in the moment
Before you can clearly see things
And so much for all this talk of empathy
And being sold ideals
Of no anger
yet the more I don’t allow
The bull a little run
The more angry it becomes
Raging even before the storm
All because I hold too tight
In the hopes I could contain it
But it’s almost killed me, so many nights
Restraining bulls
In cages

You don’t know me

Don’t point those words at me
Looking at the barrel of the gun
You hold against me
I see the chamber is empty
You think it’s full, it’s in your eyes
That ignorance
Your eyes ablaze with belligerence
Thinking you know me
When you don’t know the difference
Between the group you lumped me in
And the person I’ve always been
You only see the illusion you want to see
I’m as visible as any other kind
But you’ve put me in the shadows
Because then it’s easier on your mind

Get away!

I don’t have room for sympathy
For you
Or empathy
It’s been torture
All these times going round my head
Through cycles of anger and apologetic sorrow
I can’t do it anymore
Not today, not tomorrow
I cared too much
And you walk over me like I’m dirt on your shoe
I’m supposed to feel for you
“He’s ill” they say
Well, I can’t care anymore!
Get the fuck away!