Keeping bulls in cages

In my resistance
these thoughts become more insistent
restraining these feelings
Acting in the moment
Before you can clearly see things
And so much for all this talk of empathy
And being sold ideals
Of no anger
yet the more I don’t allow
The bull a little run
The more angry it becomes
Raging even before the storm
All because I hold too tight
In the hopes I could contain it
But it’s almost killed me, so many nights
Restraining bulls
In cages

Nuances of nature

The ways I sees it is this
Heartbreak don’t leave
On the whims of a calendar
It stays as long as it takes
And ya can’t put yer brain in a sling
To ‘elp fix the nooks and crannies & breaks

To a heart the’ is no too early or too late
It neither dawdles or rushes in a hurry
It just rises and wanes
And the truth is our brain can’t
Protect us from the feelings
We harbour & cage
Kicking up a kerfuffle
At the nuances of natures way

The mechanics of feelings

Feelings don’t abide by the ticking of the clock
they don’t align with our linear concept of time
There is no cross on any date
You can mark on the calendar
For when the heartbreak
Has lingered on too late

It’ll stay for as long as it takes
All you can do is ride the waves
As it rises and wanes
Disappears and comes back again
Grinding your gears
Cranking your levers
The mechanics of feelings
Are much too misunderstood
All trying to feel things
We’re not ready for

You can’t put your brain
In a sling
Hope it’ll fix it
by the first day or spring
The notches upon our days
Care none for what you feel
Or if you have or haven’t healed
It just goes on
Each revelation revealed
Solutions found and concealed

And like a water mill
We keep turning and churning
We’re powerhouses
Hidden behind irises