Slow NaPoWriMo poem 15

Slow down the haste
I’m falling in outta space
With infinite thoughts

Bring me back down to earth
Everything hurts
I’m going out of my mind
All the stars are watching

I want to take a drive
Around the corner
Too much too fast
Full throttle, no breaks
Take my turmoil
And take me out
Of this rat race
I was always outpaced
Cant keep up
When you never wanted to anyway

My hands in the dirt
Anchor me to the earth
All this pain
growing seeds of doubt
And the wind spreads it
on open fields
Where all the darkest secrets
Are kept

Slow down the haste
Slow down the pace
Slow down the haste
Slow me to the moment
Slow me down
to this moment
Anchor my feet to the ground
Slow down my….

Sunday Wordle: Dave

He’s drunk on the sly
He snatches another bite
Too many fermented apples
Don’t tell his wife, she thinks she’s the only apple of his eyes
She don’t know he’s not fit to fly
She’ll have a fit when she finds out
He’ll have spun ‘er a yarn or two
But that’s just like our Dave
The sheer cheek of ‘im
I love ‘im all the same.

The mechanics of feelings

Feelings don’t abide by the ticking of the clock
they don’t align with our linear concept of time
There is no cross on any date
You can mark on the calendar
For when the heartbreak
Has lingered on too late

It’ll stay for as long as it takes
All you can do is ride the waves
As it rises and wanes
Disappears and comes back again
Grinding your gears
Cranking your levers
The mechanics of feelings
Are much too misunderstood
All trying to feel things
We’re not ready for

You can’t put your brain
In a sling
Hope it’ll fix it
by the first day or spring
The notches upon our days
Care none for what you feel
Or if you have or haven’t healed
It just goes on
Each revelation revealed
Solutions found and concealed

And like a water mill
We keep turning and churning
We’re powerhouses
Hidden behind irises