How monsters are made

I will not bow down to your conformity
Moulding me so I’ll express
What you want me to feel
Turning to me next
To say I’m just repressed
But you didn’t read what I expressed
Because it didn’t fit into what you expect
Rolling your eyes in disgust
Pretending to be perplexed
By the way I’m spewing my guts
An undressing if you will
In which you turn away
Until I fit into your cage
While you converse and ask
”How are monsters made?”




Coming of age
This war I wage
between I’ve come a long way
To, I just don’t know!

Battling this cage
Could I really be the brave?
Freedom is an illusion
I’m sure I’ve trapped myself into
Always greener on the other side
Till you step into the shite
Another day, different hues
Buy myself a pair of brand new shoes
But I still feel the fucking same
Branded into shame
Depending on what’s cool that day
Never did care for the names
Be it Nike or just plain
Just wear what fits
And I’m still just about okay
So ticks or no ticks
I guess I’m just me
What more can I say?