Beauty & the beast

For all I’ve done
I see the monster I’ve become
And in the speed of light
I’m struck dumb

Nowhere to go
Just a beast
In human clothes

The scales upon my back
Sharpened anticipating attack
Claws dig down
Finding roots to cling to

As I froth at the mouth
Taking a bite from rotten apples
Maggots abound

Eyes black shielding a soul behind
But there’s an ocean inside

Trying to figure out
What it is to be human
I observe them all
And even I
Always fall in love with someone

I shroud my face
And take a dagger to my heart
In beauty I have no place
So I’ll stand apart

© SilverbackGorilla Poetry.


Pick up ya dog shit

Dog shit
It fuckin’ stinks
So why do you
Make me roll in it!
Ya fuckin’ prick!

Get ya shit bag
And fill it!
Ya prick!
Some of us got baskets of milk
Takin’ it home
So I can make porridge!

But ya’ve gone and left ya dog shit
Right in middle
Of fuckin’ path
I tried to get around it
Couldn’t cross the fuckin’ road!
Curb was too damn high!
I was stuck!
Trying to swereve round it

Pick up ya dog shit
Ya fuckin’ prick.

(C) 2016 Jan

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Her eyes a painting

In Venice

A boat made of Oakwood

Glossed to a perfect shine

Making my way through

The iris, a tunnel in her eyes

Lost in the turquoise reflections

Of an art painted to perfection


In the night

The frame changes

In her eyes

The moon reflecting

On ripples of water

As we take a canoe

Paddling on through


“Were you even listening to what I was saying?”

She smiles, wine glass just below her lips

A pendant hanging just above her cleavage

I smile back

Back in the room

Must have been dreaming.

(c) 2015




In a field of yellow flowers
I sit with my guitar

In front of me is a piano

That had fallen from the sky

Then a woman comes and plays along

And together in sync

We begin to sing


This is our time together

Let’s keep some mystery

Lots of things to find out

Plenty of things to dream

So hush, baby

Don’t tell me all your secrets

We’ve got time for that

Anyway they’re just so darn good to keep


When the night falls

Together we will sleep

The spiders won’t matter

Cause we’ll be deep in dream

(c) 2015 Posted on previous blog

Boulervard Of Broken Dreams

At first I was inundated
With feelings familiar
To a once rampant heart beat
That faded into the distance
One frosty night on a darkened street
Where tears and ex lovers came to meet

The feeling to which I’d been acquainted with
Once before those many moons ago
I feel it beating but I swore to never let myself go
Not that way
Not again

And so I left her
In room 13
At The boulevard of broken dreams


(c) 2015


With the thud of the feet

A heart that refuses to admit defeat
With sweat upon my brow
And the blood shed as I take another hit

I shall not bow out!

Too late, gotta hold it now
Let the blood drip
From my lips
Look into my eyes
you’ll see the beast
He’s been unleashed
Out on the prowl
Ready to take it
Break it
Tear down these walls
So tired, I didn’t think I could make it
I prayed to a god I didn’t believe
Said “Please, god, forsake me”
And he handed me a sword
Said “We’ll battle this one out son”
And so the beasts have run
“Who is your enemy?” he asks me
to which I replied “Everybody! The world! Even me”
“Only one of them is correct, my son”
And that’s when I saw
My reflection in the silver
And I knew then, I knew
The number one worst enemy I must master.

(c) 2015

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Crimson red

On our breaths
Secrecy lingers
We don’t know why
But we’re like

We never meant
For this to last
Wipe it all away
It’s in the past

But still we’re stood here
Melancholy whispers
In the breeze
A silence that lingers
Like a ghost amongst the trees
All the blood that has been shed
In secrecy
Will mess with our heads
And you will walk away
Nothing said
Just a stream flowing through it
Crimson red

(c) 2015


I heard her footsteps approach
I poured me a drink and settled down
She wore red shoes and a red dress
Red lipstick and her handbag matched too
But inside she was mismatched just like me
“Red is the colour of passion” she had always said

My face shrouded by cigarette smoke
She peered through said
“Smokin’ another nail in your coffin I see”
Hands on her hips
Glaring back at me
Till she tore that cigarette from my lips
“I aint seeing you croak on my watch”

She had that sultry look in her eyes
And I was duty bound
Got up and took her into the night
Nothing needed to be said
In the silence we mutually agreed
To paint the night in red

written 2015 posted on previous blog(c)