Time is indifferent.

I resent how time
Doesn’t stop
When all should be still
To remember you

I resent how breaths
Can be seen in the cold
Life continuing
As if to be so bold
Like you were never even here

How the wind howls against the windows
As if to threaten to shatter warmth
Even though I’m already cold
As I imagine you are, somewhere out there

Cold, and already so old
As if time hastened its arrival
Letting you go
So chronologically young.


She was missing
And the world didn’t exist
But only in the periphery

Inside an ocean storm
Lightning flickering
A twist of the waves

Set adrift
This lonely of places
And time dismissed

Your feeble heart
Rolling on careless
Into new eras

In which you couldn’t
Be taken apart
Nor fixed

For you no longer

Lost idly
In the mist.

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