As the orchestra plays it’s song
your absence is in every note
your absence is in every tone
You’ve become the music
Something I can’t touch
The music is the memory
Of you being here with me
And it hurts.
You were so small
And the biggest thing in my life
Now your absence follows me
I am not the same.
I cannot carry this burden
But I will not let you go
Your absence is all I have left to hold


My emptiness is full tonight
As the sun sets just out of sight
I picture you coming home
But it’s too late

No time for goodbyes
Gone in the blink of an eye
And the sky doesn’t care
Cause the clouds aren’t here
Raining like it ought to be

Heavy breath full of empty
It’s hard to breathe
When you can see
The world is continuing
Without you

And my world is nothing
Cause it revolved around you

I want the rain
Raining over me
Dilute these tears
Before I disintegrate
I want the rain
Let it rain over me

It’s not raining like it ought to be

Heartbroken: sorry

Send a message to the world

Whisper in her ears

Let my care for her be heard

I need her to know

She’s my best friend

And i’m so sad to see her go

Send a message to the world

Let her know i’m looking out for her

Tell her that even though i’m not there

I will always care

And if I could, i’d be everywhere

Just so I could be with her.

Send a message to the world

I’m sorry for how we parted

Tell her, I love her.