Time is indifferent.

I resent how time
Doesn’t stop
When all should be still
To remember you

I resent how breaths
Can be seen in the cold
Life continuing
As if to be so bold
Like you were never even here

How the wind howls against the windows
As if to threaten to shatter warmth
Even though I’m already cold
As I imagine you are, somewhere out there

Cold, and already so old
As if time hastened its arrival
Letting you go
So chronologically young.

Heartbroken: sorry

Send a message to the world

Whisper in her ears

Let my care for her be heard

I need her to know

She’s my best friend

And i’m so sad to see her go

Send a message to the world

Let her know i’m looking out for her

Tell her that even though i’m not there

I will always care

And if I could, i’d be everywhere

Just so I could be with her.

Send a message to the world

I’m sorry for how we parted

Tell her, I love her.

Sunday Wordle: The village

The village swallowed you whole
And you became strangers
To the tribe you used to know
Even the best friends
As you spat on your hands and shook
A promise of brotherhood
Now everything quakes
In the balance
You thought friendship
Was made in stone
Your pride is hard to swallow
When your undoing was your own
Now you’ve a heart shaped hole
Waiting on the beating
Of another