The immortal fight

A ribbon of smoke billowed an apology between them
Hostility temporarily suspended
As they eyed one another from behind their cherry lit ends
the deer head peered upon the silence
that smeared the air between them
The saxophone mere white noise
unable to penetrate the moment
Only turning their heads from one another
to watch her feet burdened in high heels
as she walked towards the one she chose
which wasn’t either of them
Their nostrils flared
and behind gritted teeth they faked pleasantries
Before taking it outside in the street
Noses cracked and busted lips
Hatred snaking through cigarette mist
Till the bobby comes on the beat
To resume assumed peace

Society loves…..


Society loves to protect women.

Retribution towards those who are perceived to be ‘harmful’ towards women is the highest ‘honour.’

Some may perceive this post as harmful and outright reject what I’m saying because pointing out potential flaws in our current narrative that supposidly men and society as a whole ‘hates women’ is seen as ‘harmful.’

How monsters are made

I will not bow down to your conformity
Moulding me so I’ll express
What you want me to feel
Turning to me next
To say I’m just repressed
But you didn’t read what I expressed
Because it didn’t fit into what you expect
Rolling your eyes in disgust
Pretending to be perplexed
By the way I’m spewing my guts
An undressing if you will
In which you turn away
Until I fit into your cage
While you converse and ask
”How are monsters made?”



M’lady allow me to open the door
There ya go, now don’t bend down too low!
That’s right, lift your skirt so you can sit
Smile through the window
Grit your teeth through the shit
M’lady may I kiss your hand
And call you princess?
Who am I kidding, who am I trying to impress!
Get your knickers off and let me unravel that dress!


Save our girls
they’re our best assets
Spread these boys
Save our girls
Because we have to
Leave death behind
Don’t mention it
Just save our girls
We come in peace, we are blind
No blood on our hands
Unless those girls die
We wouldn’t want that
So don’t hear his memory cry

And please
Make it so
It’s he for she
Because equality
Starts with for
And not with
Don’t you see
This is the way forwards
For she says
It is

Statues made
Bold as brass
They got their names in history books
So, well done lads!
Don’t you know
Every single day
Is hanging only on what men say!

So pull up your big boy pants
And shut your trap
Look at that statue made of brass!
You can be a hero one day, just like that!
What do you say, comrade?