Skies goodnight kiss

Sharp men stand on street corners
Broadcasting wealth on their wrists
As begging musicians spit
The rhymes from their unfiltered lips
And footsteps of women
Milling about, shopping for a little strange
A little glitz
Something that just…Oddly fits
Because it’s better to look handsome and beautiful
Than out of your wits!
Unlike the starving street musicians
now lying horizontally in doorways
for the skies goodnight kiss.


Boys minds grow
With wild exuberance
As their eyes lay their claim
On stretched out backs
The women they shall never tame
For men are the domesticated
Not the women with whom they mated
After all that time, he waited
He finds himself frustratingly sated
Though wild blood still runs
Pooled in his guns
Waiting till the trigger is pulled
And there lays a lion
Who shall not be culled.

Hair of the dog


Drinking myself undrunk
Stepping inside away from the street humdrum
Neon sign glows ‘no vacancy’
And she’s a shadow on my wall
Cigarette between fingers
High heels make her tall
Her breasts pert and nipples erect
TV in the corner whispers white noise
the sound that permeates the aftermath of every choice
The end of cigarettes glowing cancer
Between lips in which I hanker
Mouths pucker between rings of smoke
Kissing oblivion between strokes
A silhouette riding cowgirl
Making me blind
The aftermaths white noise
Behind neon and TV lights
Resting between her thighs
Listening to the humdrum outside

© Silverbackgorillapoetry June 2016

On the cusp

Shielding my eyes from the sun 
 I see you in that summer dress
 Who’d have thunk it 
 The blue eyed girl whose heart I won
 and the brown eyed boy 
 I’m always torn 
 On the brink of sex and ruin 
 Always just on the cusp from love

© 2016 May

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Traces of your perfume
 Linger caressing the air
 Like your fingers
 Subtle approach 
 Coy under veils 
 Lest we be caught 
 I sink into your aroma
 The ghost of your
 Voluptuous breasts 
 Dancing, quivering 
 Embraced between your thighs
 Enthralled by the movement 
 Of hips 
 Biting landmarks 
 On each other skin 
 I think I’ll just sit
 And let those memories
 Sink in

©2016 April

*notice: Any ads and/or supposed ‘related’ ‘similar’ posts are not necessarily endorsed by Silverbackgorillapoetry