Save our girls
they’re our best assets
Spread these boys
Save our girls
Because we have to
Leave death behind
Don’t mention it
Just save our girls
We come in peace, we are blind
No blood on our hands
Unless those girls die
We wouldn’t want that
So don’t hear his memory cry

And please
Make it so
It’s he for she
Because equality
Starts with for
And not with
Don’t you see
This is the way forwards
For she says
It is

Statues made
Bold as brass
They got their names in history books
So, well done lads!
Don’t you know
Every single day
Is hanging only on what men say!

So pull up your big boy pants
And shut your trap
Look at that statue made of brass!
You can be a hero one day, just like that!
What do you say, comrade?

Skies goodnight kiss

Sharp men stand on street corners
Broadcasting wealth on their wrists
As begging musicians spit
The rhymes from their unfiltered lips
And footsteps of women
Milling about, shopping for a little strange
A little glitz
Something that just…Oddly fits
Because it’s better to look handsome and beautiful
Than out of your wits!
Unlike the starving street musicians
now lying horizontally in doorways
for the skies goodnight kiss.


Boys minds grow
With wild exuberance
As their eyes lay their claim
On stretched out backs
The women they shall never tame
For men are the domesticated
Not the women with whom they mated
After all that time, he waited
He finds himself frustratingly sated
Though wild blood still runs
Pooled in his guns
Waiting till the trigger is pulled
And there lays a lion
Who shall not be culled.