Love is what we choose

You don’t need to sit down 
 To put on ya slip on shoes
 Hurry up
 We got a lotta dancing to do
 Shmoozing round these streets
 Romancing our dues
 The star lit canvas, is certainly our muse
 We don’t need to sing the heart break blues
 If love is what we choose 
 © 2016 May

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Dance me to the moon

Dancing shadows
And a moon lit sky
Nostalgic for a lost lover
Cradled in my arms once over
Enduring the bliss from which I once recovered

Making the hairs stand on my neck
Engaging in a lust that will leave me a wreck

Tormenting my soul, in ways,
Only I can know

Hazardous lust under rain clouds
Enigmatic kisses behind a foggy shroud

Moonlight flickers behind trees
Omniscient presence watching from above
Only us and our secrets between the light and us
No one need know we painted the night red, in lust.