The sun rises
And I’ve had a night of it
Turning the sheets
the way of turmoil
feeling beat
And I won’t rise again
Feeling the sun rays penetrate
the gaps between the blinds and the sill
and I lay still

Waiting with time I don’t even want to kill
hoping I can win out
Against natural urges
just lay here alone, hidden
No one hear a word or a breath
Just lay here trying to be dead

© Silverbackgorillapoetry 2016 August

Happiness don’t look good on me


Happiness don’t look good on me
Dressed in rags not fit to please
No tilted hats and shiny shoes
with a smile on my face, it looks misused
Got a look that people will see fit to refuse
And if a fight should find me
Sparks will erupt in violence you can’t defuse
And I’ll be locked up in Alcatraz by the bloody screws
And I’ll be playing the joker to amuse
So as not to have my arse black and blue

©Silverbackgorillapoetry 2016 June


woman d.jpg

I’ve got sand between my toes and a cigarette hanging between my lips.
What better way to view
another celestial body, that being you
eclipsing the sun
watching your silhouette
Refined as you pirouette
Dancing my innocence into obscurity
And if you should ask what innocence was ever left intact
I’d show you the cherry lit end of my smokes
A childhood image of calm collected cool
Hanging between fingers
Forgetting about the cancer
they taught me about at school

© Silverbackgorillapoetry June 2016

Garden dinosaurs (birds)


Dwelling behind misted glass
Watching the birds
It’s dream like
Edges soft and a little blurred
Watching juvenile blue tits undeterred
By the goldfinch guarding its territory
Mrs Robin hopping from fence to shed
Her small stature disguising the terror she can unleash
Lest you dare to trespass upon her niche
Worms pulled like spaghetti from the ground by Mr Blackbird
And I’m just sitting, easy come and easy go
Don’t want to survive as they do
Fighting and flitting around
Got my own dangers
Even if they’re in my head
The little bug that buzzes in my brain
A tug of war between playing life or playing dead.

©Silverbackgorilla photography June 2016

I stand against the current

wavesI stand against the current
Chiselled by the waves
Of storms gone by
Robust in my ability to pacify
The sky opening up
And I keep a weather eye
On all things corrupt
Lest they just pass me by
And zephyr says
She’s making a man out of me
Etching lines on my face like clay
“You’ll be the epitome of a man one day
All this in between? It’s just the price you pay”

© 2016 June

The Crash

The stars still shine at night
and the sun still rises
Despite anyones plight
It’s like time doesn’t care
To respect you and I
It just goes on
And when you’re doing alright
It goes in the blink of an eye
Those smiles forgotten
Before you break down and cry
And in the turmoil
Time teases you
Lingering to torment
Never staying still
But never quite on the move
And you’d figure this would give you
Chance to react
Get yourself back on track
But despite our perceptions
It all comes tumbling down
In the blink of an eye
While also somehow remaining
Like the longest of times

© 2016 June