I wanted to be a pillar
Against all that can break
Steady against the waves
Without taking on the pain
Taking everything in my stride
Letting no harm pass
Into the crevices of my mind

I wanted to be the man
With that fierce mentality
Who knew all about brutality
While being one of the friendliest guys
You wouldn’t wanna get on the wrong side of him
But he’d sooner help you than get in a fight

I wanted to be that man
But I’m nothing
Without you by my side.

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Can a man dare to dream

Sit and listen to
The sound of the pitter patter
That abounds
Like constant white noise
Asserting no significant attention
Just the buzz of human relations
Like the wings of a bee
Humming the language of nations
Industrious working of this socialisation
Working its way through the psyche
Of many generations
While clowns look to the clouds
With wisdom in their jest
And hearts of lions pounding in their chest
Perhaps detained
But noticing every freedom
Has it’s own cage
And seeing that maybe
As caged birds flaps their wings
Can a man surely dare to dream?

Oddity 2

I’m going to wear slippers
While dressed in a smart suit
As I go along with my endless pursuits
Never could find a place
To put down my roots
Living out of bags
Always an urge just to up and vamoose

Forget brushing my hair
Fuck that bloody hair mousse
Forget looking spick and span
I’m no Bruce Wayne, no flipping batman
No six pack to be had
Unless you add the beer cans

‘Eh do ya think that one day
There will be a St Matthews Holiday
In memory of little old me?
No, no. I’m getting ahead of myself
Like I say, I’m not some bloody superman
I’m just a super, super modest man