The boy who wouldn’t be moved

The horizon calls it the end
Of an era
What will the clouds say?
Cause inside my head they’re still grey
Can’t believe it’s come to this day
I tried to be the boy that couldn’t be moved
Now you’ve cut the strings
And I’ve been let loose
Oh god, now it’s all mine to choose
But I’m all alone
Wishing I could talk to you

They say go forth and don’t look back
But inside I’m still the boy
Who wouldn’t be moved

©Silverbackgorillapoetry 2016 August

Waiting room.

I’m not the best of men
 There is no hero 
 Behind my eye sockets
 Unblinking to the aftermath
 Of human anguish 
 Ready to take on the world 
 Even if it hurts
 My body is just a derelict waiting room
 where a boy awaits
 Dressed in postman pat pj’s 

© 2016 April

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