The wind against my face
With no one around
To see I’m part of the human race
Going at my own pace
I don’t care for empty platitudes
I don’t wanna talk to you

I’ll be alone in my own mind
And I don’t care cause I got the time
I don’t keep on your watch
I don’t walk the line
Not so linear
In this head of mine

I’m always in the wrong place
For I don’t fit in, anyway
So what do I care if I step behind
Never keeping up
With you men in your ties
It’s just a noose around your neck

I’m running loose
Cause, what the heck
I don’t need those shiny shoes
I won’t slick my hair back
And look like you

I’ll listen to Bob Dylan
In my car with the window open
On a winters day
Cuz we got the blues
And only the wind knows what to do.

The boy who wouldn’t be moved

The horizon calls it the end
Of an era
What will the clouds say?
Cause inside my head they’re still grey
Can’t believe it’s come to this day
I tried to be the boy that couldn’t be moved
Now you’ve cut the strings
And I’ve been let loose
Oh god, now it’s all mine to choose
But I’m all alone
Wishing I could talk to you

They say go forth and don’t look back
But inside I’m still the boy
Who wouldn’t be moved

©Silverbackgorillapoetry 2016 August


I’m trying to take heed
from all the advice over the years
Weaning myself off
From addictive thoughts
Trying to change my mind
Pretending to be a pillar of strength
Keeping people at arms length
So I don’t fall off track

I need to fight this alone
and it’s such a lonely place to be
I wish you could see
But I’ll keep it behind closed eyes
Secrets between the skies and I.

© Silverbackgorillapoetry 2016 June

New york

I met god in a movie theatre
He kept shushing me
I walk along these new York streets
And the whoosh of cars keep hushing me

I met with mike from the Bronx
I said “Hello” and he cut me off
I went to the botanical garden
And all the flowers choked me
Allergens be damned in New York

I went to Staten Island
The coastline stifled me
I boarded the Staten Island ferry
The waters lulled me to sleep

I boarded a boat to Manhattan
The skyline overawed me
The ways of this world
Daunting me.

© 2016