These are lyrics in my mind, more so than poetry.

I miss having something to miss
I’m a loser
A misfit in ordinary clothes
better call the doctor
I’ve been drinkin’
Gotten to my liver
I keep getting these shivers
I’ve gone blind
Is it any wonder
I never see eye to eye
I’m a loser
A misfit in ordinary clothes

I miss wanting to quit
I want to quit not quitting
Ain’t touched a blade
Since I don’t know when
Wonder what’s wrong with that
Is it the alcohol
Or am I really fine
It’s too late in the day
I can’t tell if it’s not okay
I think I don’t know
A single fucking thing

I’m just a misfit
In ordinary clothes.


The wind against my face
With no one around
To see I’m part of the human race
Going at my own pace
I don’t care for empty platitudes
I don’t wanna talk to you

I’ll be alone in my own mind
And I don’t care cause I got the time
I don’t keep on your watch
I don’t walk the line
Not so linear
In this head of mine

I’m always in the wrong place
For I don’t fit in, anyway
So what do I care if I step behind
Never keeping up
With you men in your ties
It’s just a noose around your neck

I’m running loose
Cause, what the heck
I don’t need those shiny shoes
I won’t slick my hair back
And look like you

I’ll listen to Bob Dylan
In my car with the window open
On a winters day
Cuz we got the blues
And only the wind knows what to do.