On contrast & depression

If you wish to feel comfortable, you should first seek discomfort.

If at all it could be said that there is a key to life, it is on simple thing: Contrast.

Contrast is the only way we can have good things, so we must endure the bad.

But what is most painful about depression is not the contrast between your worst and best days, it’s the indifference that is torturous. A prolonged indifference that can go on for days, weeks, months and even years. Or rather it is an indifference to the good things, the silver linings, the comforts. A sense of pointlessness overwhelming the senses.

Contrast is like oxygen to a stable ‘happy’ mind. But what if your brain just isn’t responding to that oxygen? What if, for prolonged periods of time the only contrast you have are in the different hues of bleak dreary, blacks and greys?

Yes it’s true that even bouts of depression don’t last forever, but it feels like forever. And they bouts last long past their due.

Worship no one

“Matt, are you okay you seem quiet?”

I simply have nothing to say

I’ve learnt something and no one will hear it. Because no one wants to.

Peace and love are not the same thing.

If we wish to transcend hate, we must transcend love. That is to say, realise the childish notion of both. It is a myth that love conquers all.

Peace conquers all.

But peace shall not come through the blessings of ‘god’ or any other worshipping. To worship is to quash peace. Peace is the antidote to worship.

When there is nothing to worship, there is nothing to hate.