Suffering creates character….


And isn’t it this train of thought that is the problem?

There is an element of truth to it, for sure. But I see all these people competing who suffered the most, and I wonder if this idea of being heroic and suffering to create character is part of the problem? Not that I have a solution, just that it’s a problem I’ve recognised in the human condition. I get the sense some humans feel they haven’t suffered enough, though it seems counterintuitive to want more suffering it seems like people are jealous of people who have gained ‘character’ from suffering.

If I can be oppressed (or claim to be oppressed), then I have something to fight (or something to claim to be fighting).

The paradox in all this? There is suffering in the conquest for more ‘worthy’ suffering…..

We are Jesus, we are God

You connect the dots and what you find is that God is earth, nature itself. And Jesus is humans at their higher selves. It is true you find God through Jesus, for it is moments of being your higher self you touch upon something, connecting dots you don’t realise you connected. You see too that the devil is also earth, also nature. We are both gods and the Devils sons and daughters.

God is a male version of saying “Mother Nature” connect the dots and you will see. You will see the messenger, Jesus, jesus is your brain at its most peaceful. You must strive to be Jesus. Connect the dots.

There are dots to be connected to infinity for all things are dots to be connected. From the very first semblance of a ‘living thing’ we are connected that far back. Humans are a diverse species. We as a species have traits of all the animal kingdom on earth. Consider that a man’s tweezers to a bird is his beak.

We have the ability to create tools, rather than being born with said tools attached to our bodies. We have our complex hands to create such tools rather than be hindered by being born a way to specialise on only one source of food etc. Humans can be meat eaters, non meat eaters, runners, loungers, nocturnal, musical, not musical etc. We as humans ┬ácan fill every niche. A finch fills its niche depending on the type of finch it is, and depending on its beaks structure and size, having been born with a beak they can’t change in their own lives, they are limited to whatever niches the beak fits.

A man’s hand creates, we can create to fullfil niches the finch fulfills if we so chose to. Because consider that Jesus and God are humans. We call God a creator, humans are creators.

Have you ever considered that perhaps man will make such realistic robots that we as a collective would be considered God, in that we created with our hands, things in our image that may very well turn against us? They may eat the apple. Perhaps the notion of God is the human brain perceiving the future. But so fractured it is, we assume it is us created in gods image.


friday thoughts: on language

Language is a virus.

Or healthy bacteria? Maybe.

Language can enslave you.

You could say writers are enslaved by language

or maybe language is a slave to us?

Language enslaves those who don’t try to control the narrative, perhaps

or perhaps writers are the biggest language slaves of them all.


it shouldn’t be understated that we need language, the kind I’m writing in now.

But does it compliment our body language

no. It seems it often contradicts it

unless we programme our minds to be in sync with our body language, somehow.

language and programming.

Programming is for language, or language is for programming?


consider a deaf blind man, his language is tactile

for its all he has, or maybe he’s freer for it

that isn’t to say I wish to be blind and deaf

god no, I can only salute those women and men

for I could never be without those senses

I dread to think

but I do consider that maybe in some ways

they’re freer than us

for they are programmed via tactile senses

and have you ever felt the grass under bare feet?

With all other senses awakened, this pleasure is surely dampened




I’ve got files of ‘poetry’ (I don’t like the word, it makes me cringe) stored separate files for each month. I’ve been posting a lot of ‘poetry’ from previous months. I haven’t posted any of June’s poetry yet. But here is one I wrote tonight, because this is just the place I’m in right now


Got these thoughts milling around my head
Some are unreasonable
But they are the current
That drowns me with dread
Trying to keep myself looking ahead
But the uncertainty of simple things
Others take for granted has me led
To the darkest thoughts
That entangle me in this web
Trying to think that I just take each day
Because every moment is uncertain
And come what may
It might be goodbye
To the things that help me stay
But the absence of clarity
Makes me want to stray
Lean into the abyss
And take the wheel, pull the breaks on this
Seeking my chance to be dismissed

Weakness. You’re missing the signs.

I am going to keep this short. Because i’m feeling like a lazy gorilla.

We’re getting it wrong. It shows itself all the time. We’re getting it fucking wrong.

We continue to make the same mistakes.

The mistake in HOW we talk mens issues.

I hear the same shit everytime. Wanting to allow men to ‘open’ up and show their ‘weaknesses’ We have been saying it for years now.

Do you know what the real problem is? Are you really ready to hear it?

You want weakness to always look the same. So you only look for those signs. You miss the rest.

A new take on love

We fear just being

We have been told it’d make us lazy.

But it is in the trying
The attempt to climb mountains (metaphorical)

that pain comes.

It is in the trying that we grow to love or hate

We can’t have love without hate. Once you see that, you see that love is perhaps a conqueror, as the saying goes “Love conquers all” oh it certainly conquers, but not how you think.

It doesn’t conquer hate, for hate needs love and love needs hate.

It is with this in mind that I say that love is a childish notion, it is not some great devine, it is not some fantastic cure all. We can’t end hate till we transcend love.

If you’re interested in more posts like this, of a philosophical meandering nature then like this post. I may open another blog just for my thoughts on life, like I had previously.