friday thoughts: on language

Language is a virus.

Or healthy bacteria? Maybe.

Language can enslave you.

You could say writers are enslaved by language

or maybe language is a slave to us?

Language enslaves those who don’t try to control the narrative, perhaps

or perhaps writers are the biggest language slaves of them all.


it shouldn’t be understated that we need language, the kind I’m writing in now.

But does it compliment our body language

no. It seems it often contradicts it

unless we programme our minds to be in sync with our body language, somehow.

language and programming.

Programming is for language, or language is for programming?


consider a deaf blind man, his language is tactile

for its all he has, or maybe he’s freer for it

that isn’t to say I wish to be blind and deaf

god no, I can only salute those women and men

for I could never be without those senses

I dread to think

but I do consider that maybe in some ways

they’re freer than us

for they are programmed via tactile senses

and have you ever felt the grass under bare feet?

With all other senses awakened, this pleasure is surely dampened



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