I’m gonna take on the world
Take the bull by the horn
Bring something you’ve never seen
Gonna take on the universe
Lift it like I’m Hercules
Bold as brass
Yea that’s me
I’ll take ya money
And give it to charity
Become my own personal Jesus
It brings you clarity
Don’t listen to that fucking clergy
The man in the sky giving the gays lergy?
Fuck that, that’s bullshit that
God is a metaphor and in it you will find
A description of nature
Nature the creator
Because you and I, we’re Jesus
But so too are the snakes, the fucking alligators
Yea we’re all natures creation
Don’t you forget it
We’re made in gods image
As in humans are made in natures image
See look around, we as a population
Take on traits of every animal
In the animal kingdom
Cuz we, we are created in natures image

I’m sisyphus smiling
Hercules lifting the roof
I’m superman
Fucking bullet proof
Got it in my veins
I’m Jesus, I’m god
God = nature
God = creator
What do humans do?
They create
Sometimes in peace sometimes in hate
It’s all god, or nature
The words are interchangeable
Because God is nature, nature is God
The earth is God itself. You are God
And you are Jesus
For you can create a better you
If you so choose
Yea fuck the religious shit
Churches too
It’s not some man in the sky
Don’t lend yourself to misdirected fears
Fuck that shit, keep your head clear!

We are Jesus, we are God

You connect the dots and what you find is that God is earth, nature itself. And Jesus is humans at their higher selves. It is true you find God through Jesus, for it is moments of being your higher self you touch upon something, connecting dots you don’t realise you connected. You see too that the devil is also earth, also nature. We are both gods and the Devils sons and daughters.

God is a male version of saying “Mother Nature” connect the dots and you will see. You will see the messenger, Jesus, jesus is your brain at its most peaceful. You must strive to be Jesus. Connect the dots.

There are dots to be connected to infinity for all things are dots to be connected. From the very first semblance of a ‘living thing’ we are connected that far back. Humans are a diverse species. We as a species have traits of all the animal kingdom on earth. Consider that a man’s tweezers to a bird is his beak.

We have the ability to create tools, rather than being born with said tools attached to our bodies. We have our complex hands to create such tools rather than be hindered by being born a way to specialise on only one source of food etc. Humans can be meat eaters, non meat eaters, runners, loungers, nocturnal, musical, not musical etc. We as humans  can fill every niche. A finch fills its niche depending on the type of finch it is, and depending on its beaks structure and size, having been born with a beak they can’t change in their own lives, they are limited to whatever niches the beak fits.

A man’s hand creates, we can create to fullfil niches the finch fulfills if we so chose to. Because consider that Jesus and God are humans. We call God a creator, humans are creators.

Have you ever considered that perhaps man will make such realistic robots that we as a collective would be considered God, in that we created with our hands, things in our image that may very well turn against us? They may eat the apple. Perhaps the notion of God is the human brain perceiving the future. But so fractured it is, we assume it is us created in gods image.


Gorilla asks questions #8



If God exists because the world needed a creator, because nothing can come from nothing, then who or what created God?

And if God just ‘always was’ then doesn’t that contradict the above argument?

And if God was created by something then who created that something?

What if we can’t conceive of nothing, because there is no nothing? Or is there nothing and we’re not even something?

or is God nothing?



Worship no one

“Matt, are you okay you seem quiet?”

I simply have nothing to say

I’ve learnt something and no one will hear it. Because no one wants to.

Peace and love are not the same thing.

If we wish to transcend hate, we must transcend love. That is to say, realise the childish notion of both. It is a myth that love conquers all.

Peace conquers all.

But peace shall not come through the blessings of ‘god’ or any other worshipping. To worship is to quash peace. Peace is the antidote to worship.

When there is nothing to worship, there is nothing to hate.