One thought on “Gorilla asks questions #6

  1. Drexus August 22, 2016 / 7:08 pm

    Our sense of fear drives the urge to bring meaning to those things we do not understand. In doing so, we draw comfort in quantifying a portion of what it is we fear (the unknown) and thus feel protected in our assessments — irrespective if those assessments are false.

    The more we learn of the nature of our reality, the more comfort we draw in knowing the shape of our existence — allowing us to project a plan of survival as individuals (a primal instinct).

    Unfortunately, the investment in a social construct that claims sweeping answers to many fears (unknowns) is harder to quench than a claim answering a single unknown. As a form of protection (for fear of losing all knowledge of the unknown) social consensus will gather as a subjective body of interpretation — distorting and masking the original context of why the fear was supplanted by a social construct in the first place.

    Roll forward the clock of time and the social investment into this construct will build layer upon layer of dogma — like a hardened crust, ingrained into the social function of a species — oblivious of the originating reasons. Now, far too much fear rests with the loss of the social construct — perfectly masking the initial fears the construct aimed to answer.

    Fear, much of humanity is more fearful of the boogie-man than the collapse of human civilization from unsustainable social function.

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