We are Jesus, we are God

You connect the dots and what you find is that God is earth, nature itself. And Jesus is humans at their higher selves. It is true you find God through Jesus, for it is moments of being your higher self you touch upon something, connecting dots you don’t realise you connected. You see too that the devil is also earth, also nature. We are both gods and the Devils sons and daughters.

God is a male version of saying “Mother Nature” connect the dots and you will see. You will see the messenger, Jesus, jesus is your brain at its most peaceful. You must strive to be Jesus. Connect the dots.

There are dots to be connected to infinity for all things are dots to be connected. From the very first semblance of a ‘living thing’ we are connected that far back. Humans are a diverse species. We as a species have traits of all the animal kingdom on earth. Consider that a man’s tweezers to a bird is his beak.

We have the ability to create tools, rather than being born with said tools attached to our bodies. We have our complex hands to create such tools rather than be hindered by being born a way to specialise on only one source of food etc. Humans can be meat eaters, non meat eaters, runners, loungers, nocturnal, musical, not musical etc. We as humans ┬ácan fill every niche. A finch fills its niche depending on the type of finch it is, and depending on its beaks structure and size, having been born with a beak they can’t change in their own lives, they are limited to whatever niches the beak fits.

A man’s hand creates, we can create to fullfil niches the finch fulfills if we so chose to. Because consider that Jesus and God are humans. We call God a creator, humans are creators.

Have you ever considered that perhaps man will make such realistic robots that we as a collective would be considered God, in that we created with our hands, things in our image that may very well turn against us? They may eat the apple. Perhaps the notion of God is the human brain perceiving the future. But so fractured it is, we assume it is us created in gods image.