I’m gonna take on the world
Take the bull by the horn
Bring something you’ve never seen
Gonna take on the universe
Lift it like I’m Hercules
Bold as brass
Yea that’s me
I’ll take ya money
And give it to charity
Become my own personal Jesus
It brings you clarity
Don’t listen to that fucking clergy
The man in the sky giving the gays lergy?
Fuck that, that’s bullshit that
God is a metaphor and in it you will find
A description of nature
Nature the creator
Because you and I, we’re Jesus
But so too are the snakes, the fucking alligators
Yea we’re all natures creation
Don’t you forget it
We’re made in gods image
As in humans are made in natures image
See look around, we as a population
Take on traits of every animal
In the animal kingdom
Cuz we, we are created in natures image

I’m sisyphus smiling
Hercules lifting the roof
I’m superman
Fucking bullet proof
Got it in my veins
I’m Jesus, I’m god
God = nature
God = creator
What do humans do?
They create
Sometimes in peace sometimes in hate
It’s all god, or nature
The words are interchangeable
Because God is nature, nature is God
The earth is God itself. You are God
And you are Jesus
For you can create a better you
If you so choose
Yea fuck the religious shit
Churches too
It’s not some man in the sky
Don’t lend yourself to misdirected fears
Fuck that shit, keep your head clear!

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