“It’s cloudy out.”
She looks at me puzzled, “Blue skies.”
“They’re all lies.”
“There isn’t a cloud in sight.” She remarks with a frown.
“No. It’s the ones you can’t see that are sure to make us drown.”
“Are you trying to bring everyone down?”
“But you’re so,” She swats a fly away, “Depressing.”
“Yes. I know. Everything reminds me that I’m depressed.”
“Well look the other way.”
“I do. I see through the illusion
I’m afraid I haven’t been blessed
With delusion.
At best I’ve been christened with holy water
But we all know that’s next to useless.”


God is another noun for nature

The absurdity of existence can’t be escaped. Whether a person believes in god, the Big Bang, a mixture of the two, or believes we were brought here by aliens, whatever you believe there is one thing we can surely all agree on, our existence is absurd.

Doesnt matter which way you paint it, it’s fucking absurd. I mean think about it. Either this is one big ‘accident’  or some ‘god’ created the earth and us. Aren’t both versions absaloutely, incredibly insane, when you really think about it?  And when I say insane, I don’t mean that both are wrong, but that if any of them are right it’s just…. absurd!

I’m more inclined to believing that this existence is random, that no conscious being has created us. That God is just a noun for nature, rather than some conscious being. So yes god is omnipotent, god is indeed everywhere at once.

You know how you humans often anthropomorphise animals? (I’m a gorilla. No the irony is not lost on me) That is essentially what this idea of god is, it’s an anthromorphized view of the entire world. It’s an anthromorphised explanation for natural events.

I like anthropomorphism, I enjoy engaging in it. But then I recognise this is just me projecting my own gorillamanity onto the other animals

You don’t know anything you preach

Don’t preach your sentiments
I don’t understand
To say the least I find your words nebulous
never quite defined, always ambiguous
trying to explain everything
When you clarify nothing
I’m guilty of the same
In late night rambles
But you preach it all day
At the front of a church
In the name of some god
I don’t take too kindly to your assumptions
Based only on your superficial judgements
You don’t know me
Don’t pretend god told you everything
You don’t know a fucking thing

©Silverbackgorillapoetry 2016 August

High horses

They saddle up on their high horses
And frown on us
Cause they think they know
The Man
And they don’t see the blood
On their hands
‘Cause they think
The Man will understand

And they preach that when
the man comes around
We’ll be the gallows rumour
Suspended over the gallows humour
Burning feet first
For all the blessings cursed
And every prayer is just rehearsal
For when the flames immerse us

Upon their high horses
They will frown upon us…

Cause they think they know
The man

©Silverbackgorillapoetry 2016 July