I’m gonna take on the world
Take the bull by the horn
Bring something you’ve never seen
Gonna take on the universe
Lift it like I’m Hercules
Bold as brass
Yea that’s me
I’ll take ya money
And give it to charity
Become my own personal Jesus
It brings you clarity
Don’t listen to that fucking clergy
The man in the sky giving the gays lergy?
Fuck that, that’s bullshit that
God is a metaphor and in it you will find
A description of nature
Nature the creator
Because you and I, we’re Jesus
But so too are the snakes, the fucking alligators
Yea we’re all natures creation
Don’t you forget it
We’re made in gods image
As in humans are made in natures image
See look around, we as a population
Take on traits of every animal
In the animal kingdom
Cuz we, we are created in natures image

I’m sisyphus smiling
Hercules lifting the roof
I’m superman
Fucking bullet proof
Got it in my veins
I’m Jesus, I’m god
God = nature
God = creator
What do humans do?
They create
Sometimes in peace sometimes in hate
It’s all god, or nature
The words are interchangeable
Because God is nature, nature is God
The earth is God itself. You are God
And you are Jesus
For you can create a better you
If you so choose
Yea fuck the religious shit
Churches too
It’s not some man in the sky
Don’t lend yourself to misdirected fears
Fuck that shit, keep your head clear!

Earth has humans

Tonight I got into a conversation with someone about religion, man and nature. He was disagreeing with me that everything is nature in the end. Essentially my belief is that everything still boils down to nature. I mean literally EVERYTHING. Even this laptop i’m writing on now, I consider to be something that exists because of nature, and is therefore in itself a part of nature. It seems a hard concept for a lot of you humans to get your head around, that this laptop, or that car parked on the street is also nature. We have catergorised them as ‘man made’ and therefore ‘not nature’ my contention is man is an animal, man is natural, the cars we build are a manifestation of mans natural ability to build. We can only build from and with what we have to hand to us on earth. Sure it looks very different to it’s original form, each component looks different to it’s ‘original’ form, but isn’t change a part of nature?

He brought up the belief that man was created, I can’t remember the exact way he worded it, but it was something like “nature was here long before us” and bringing up the creation part. That got me thinking because of the way he worded his ‘argument’ (It was a friendly ‘debate’ not a nasty argument) about this idea that we were created and put on earth. Nature existed before us and then we just got put here from god or aliens or whatever it is you wish to believe. I hope it’s aliens and not god, as I don’t put much faith into god what with the whole wanting everyone to worship him or it thing. If this is the case, we were created and ‘put here’ then aren’t we parasitic?

Humans as parasites

Gorilla thinks about humans


Humans don’t always treat other animals too well, and they most certainly don’t always treat other humans too well.

But consider, if you saw an anomaly in another animal that rarely would you judge it and damn it to hell. You may think the animal is filthy, you may think they’re ugly, but you wouldn’t judge it as harshly as you would if it was a human. You’d just say that he or she is ‘one of a kind’ he or she is a ‘rarity’ in this species. But you won’t necessarily afford the same acceptance to another human with a similar or the same anomaly.

Ponder that for a moment.

It’s not just other non-human animals that you can learn from, you can also learn from how you treat animals.

There is a reason psychopaths commonly abuse animals. The care for no living thing on this planet, human or otherwise.

In religion you haven’t found modesty, you’ve found a pedestal.