“It’s cloudy out.”
She looks at me puzzled, “Blue skies.”
“They’re all lies.”
“There isn’t a cloud in sight.” She remarks with a frown.
“No. It’s the ones you can’t see that are sure to make us drown.”
“Are you trying to bring everyone down?”
“But you’re so,” She swats a fly away, “Depressing.”
“Yes. I know. Everything reminds me that I’m depressed.”
“Well look the other way.”
“I do. I see through the illusion
I’m afraid I haven’t been blessed
With delusion.
At best I’ve been christened with holy water
But we all know that’s next to useless.”


You don’t know anything you preach

Don’t preach your sentiments
I don’t understand
To say the least I find your words nebulous
never quite defined, always ambiguous
trying to explain everything
When you clarify nothing
I’m guilty of the same
In late night rambles
But you preach it all day
At the front of a church
In the name of some god
I don’t take too kindly to your assumptions
Based only on your superficial judgements
You don’t know me
Don’t pretend god told you everything
You don’t know a fucking thing

©Silverbackgorillapoetry 2016 August