Get away!

I don’t have room for sympathy
For you
Or empathy
It’s been torture
All these times going round my head
Through cycles of anger and apologetic sorrow
I can’t do it anymore
Not today, not tomorrow
I cared too much
And you walk over me like I’m dirt on your shoe
I’m supposed to feel for you
“He’s ill” they say
Well, I can’t care anymore!
Get the fuck away!



I’ve got files of ‘poetry’ (I don’t like the word, it makes me cringe) stored separate files for each month. I’ve been posting a lot of ‘poetry’ from previous months. I haven’t posted any of June’s poetry yet. But here is one I wrote tonight, because this is just the place I’m in right now


Got these thoughts milling around my head
Some are unreasonable
But they are the current
That drowns me with dread
Trying to keep myself looking ahead
But the uncertainty of simple things
Others take for granted has me led
To the darkest thoughts
That entangle me in this web
Trying to think that I just take each day
Because every moment is uncertain
And come what may
It might be goodbye
To the things that help me stay
But the absence of clarity
Makes me want to stray
Lean into the abyss
And take the wheel, pull the breaks on this
Seeking my chance to be dismissed