In the highway of your unconscious mind
Do you remember
I was a jester, a clown
trying to turn your frown pink
with those fluffy candy clouds
and we rode that ride with the face
streaming lights in our eyes
illuminating our carnival of rust
but I am not the kind of man
that can have friends with complications
so I took you on a trip
to chloroform dreams
and most preposterous of all
is I don’t know why I do such things.

Words used from comment by Poetpas

This poem has no bearing on reality, I have no friends…..

Also ‘carnival of rust’ inspired by one of my faverouite songs with that title.


The sun rises
And I’ve had a night of it
Turning the sheets
the way of turmoil
feeling beat
And I won’t rise again
Feeling the sun rays penetrate
the gaps between the blinds and the sill
and I lay still

Waiting with time I don’t even want to kill
hoping I can win out
Against natural urges
just lay here alone, hidden
No one hear a word or a breath
Just lay here trying to be dead

© Silverbackgorillapoetry 2016 August