Suffering creates character….


And isn’t it this train of thought that is the problem?

There is an element of truth to it, for sure. But I see all these people competing who suffered the most, and I wonder if this idea of being heroic and suffering to create character is part of the problem? Not that I have a solution, just that it’s a problem I’ve recognised in the human condition. I get the sense some humans feel they haven’t suffered enough, though it seems counterintuitive to want more suffering it seems like people are jealous of people who have gained ‘character’ from suffering.

If I can be oppressed (or claim to be oppressed), then I have something to fight (or something to claim to be fighting).

The paradox in all this? There is suffering in the conquest for more ‘worthy’ suffering…..

Why I love rain

My pain is the silent kind
Slowly rolling the marbles
In empty spaces in my mind
The kind of pain that asks for scars
To show for it
While hiding behind a mask

It’s that slow searing pain
That comfort is sought in silence
Standing in the rain
So that the drops can mingle with the tears
I’m too afraid to name

And I can laugh while they fall
And no one will notice at all
Rain becomes my shroud
My sanctuary
My moment to suffer visibly
But while others still can’t see