she’s so gigantic she eats the world and all the lights

drawedGorillas abysmal creations.


I draw a happy face
In my breath
Pretend until it fades
It’s my friend
His face lights up
In flashes as we go by
It’s like he’s winking
And only we know why
And next to him I draw a dog
We call him Axel
Because that’s just our style
He wears a neckerchief
Cuz he’s a cowdog in cowboy boots
He’s mysterious and he has all the best moves
I draw a stick rendition of diplodocus
We call her Dippy
She is big and can reach up to the sky
She moves clouds so the rain don’t fall from my eyes
And she’s so gigantic she eats the world and all the lights
Till all is dark
But smiley, Axel, Dippy and I
Don’t really seem to mind
Because in the dark
We remake all the greatest cowboy films
Behind our eyes.

If anyone can draw feel free to draw a gigantic Diplodocus send it here

Garden dinosaurs (birds)


Dwelling behind misted glass
Watching the birds
It’s dream like
Edges soft and a little blurred
Watching juvenile blue tits undeterred
By the goldfinch guarding its territory
Mrs Robin hopping from fence to shed
Her small stature disguising the terror she can unleash
Lest you dare to trespass upon her niche
Worms pulled like spaghetti from the ground by Mr Blackbird
And I’m just sitting, easy come and easy go
Don’t want to survive as they do
Fighting and flitting around
Got my own dangers
Even if they’re in my head
The little bug that buzzes in my brain
A tug of war between playing life or playing dead.

©Silverbackgorilla photography June 2016