Pearl Necklace


Tracing slurs between my lips
she takes me through hours of redemption
Dirty music for the deed
quivering, thrusting hips
ensuring each of our vessels
are justly pleased
from this divine intervention
Lipstick stains covered in sin
Silent, subtle secrets
Shared between sweat and skin
worming our way past cruelty
Forgetting the shadows that defy clarity
And here with sorrows kiss
Pearl necklaces are made for this


Traces of your perfume
 Linger caressing the air
 Like your fingers
 Subtle approach 
 Coy under veils 
 Lest we be caught 
 I sink into your aroma
 The ghost of your
 Voluptuous breasts 
 Dancing, quivering 
 Embraced between your thighs
 Enthralled by the movement 
 Of hips 
 Biting landmarks 
 On each other skin 
 I think I’ll just sit
 And let those memories
 Sink in

©2016 April

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Mammalian heritage

Fingers dig into fleshy meat
Feeling for the joy that comes to greet
fiercely grabbed, you mustn’t be meek!

Hearts thumping with the danger
It’s beautiful dissatisfaction
That leads to such surrender

Reprimanded by our lust
All the waiting over
Hopelessly yielding
To our mammalian heritage

(c) 2016 March

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Whirlwind Romance

I loosen my tie
You unbutton my shirt
My breath against your neck
Caressing away your hurt

And our eyes are a blaze
With the fire
Your lips crave

And I bend you
Over the table
Clutching at your hips
As ripples and waves
Convulsions and thunder
Take us away

And I lean over
Nibble round your neck
Whisper your name
As I feel myself tighten up in knots
Before I release all my have nots

Muscles slacken in surprise
As we dance across
This happened chance
Of a little whirlwind

(c) 2016 Jan

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