Wired by the violence
That mars our existence
Your face is stormy silence
Drafted into this war
Dragging guilt through the sands
Of the desert
Dry lips
Grenade in your belt at the hips
It’s a gamble
As you grapple
Life at the end of a barrel
Keep your eyes on the medal
Framed on the mantel
One wrong move
Watch your manner
You don’t know who might wield the hammer
Eyes wide
Never closed
Can’t afford to be a star after death
You want that cigar at the end
Clenched between your teeth
Instead of bullets.





I stand against the current

wavesI stand against the current
Chiselled by the waves
Of storms gone by
Robust in my ability to pacify
The sky opening up
And I keep a weather eye
On all things corrupt
Lest they just pass me by
And zephyr says
She’s making a man out of me
Etching lines on my face like clay
“You’ll be the epitome of a man one day
All this in between? It’s just the price you pay”

© 2016 June