The music continues


The music continues
Like it’s all not happening
It’s surreal
Noticing time doesn’t stop
When tragedy strikes the clock
It keeps ticking
Time not registering
Your departure
And the music continues
I sit back in my chair
Drinking up the empty air
Dust in my lungs
Grief stricken
and it’s so surreal
How time doesn’t care
How it doesn’t just stop there
Spits you out and strips you bare
And the music continues

© 2016 June

Could never imagine


I want to be the silence
That accelerates the breaks
A thunder storm of shock
Rolling across your face
To communicate the ferocity of this pain
I could never abbreviate this self hate
Encapsulate it for you to contemplate
I want to be the knife
That cuts through the silence

Before you call in the sirens
Remember I tried to be an island
Battling these tyrants
Running amok in my head
The asylum
I tried to be defiant
But I never could imagine
Sisyphus smiling.

© May 2016

New Shoes


Gonna get me a porkpie hat
Sit in new York and listen to jazz
Kick my feet back, relax
Just what the doctor ordered
When I get out of Alcatraz

He said
Get them new shoes
And wear ‘em in
Don’t listen to that gype
when they can’t handle your stripes

And remember young man
When they generalise
It may be true
But that’s your chance
To be an individual you!
So get on those damn new shoes

© 2016 May

Mans cemetery

Lonesome men
Lounge in Alcatraz
Dragged up
Off their ass

Battered & crazy
Drugged up on Benzedrine
Screaming skeletons

Staggering to psychotherapy
Like a harlequin

Running its mouth
With no words
It’s all a pantomime

Conforming ourselves
Into cemeteries

(C)2016 March

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