Negative shoes

This post and the comments that followed inspired this shit random off the cuff writing
I’ve put on some negative shoes
I can’t dance
So lift me out of the blues
These negative shoes
Don’t like my feet
They don’t like life
They admit defeat
My feet stink
My negative shoes

My negative shoes keep walking
Out on me
I’ve been looking for some positive shoes
But all shoes look like they’re smiling
So how’s a guy know
If they’re just upsidedown frowns?
I don’t know
But I keep gettin’ negative shoes
Standing in dog shit
Always is a hit
Trying to wash that shit
Out of the grooves
Is soul destroying
My shoes are destroying…..


New Shoes


Gonna get me a porkpie hat
Sit in new York and listen to jazz
Kick my feet back, relax
Just what the doctor ordered
When I get out of Alcatraz

He said
Get them new shoes
And wear ‘em in
Don’t listen to that gype
when they can’t handle your stripes

And remember young man
When they generalise
It may be true
But that’s your chance
To be an individual you!
So get on those damn new shoes

© 2016 May

Love is what we choose

You don’t need to sit down 
 To put on ya slip on shoes
 Hurry up
 We got a lotta dancing to do
 Shmoozing round these streets
 Romancing our dues
 The star lit canvas, is certainly our muse
 We don’t need to sing the heart break blues
 If love is what we choose 
 © 2016 May

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