wish I never met you


I wish I never met you.

because then I wouldn’t have to say goodbye

ignorance is bliss

never in sight, never in mind

but here you linger behind my eyes

i can’t get away from the ghost of you

when your not here

cuz I picture your body dancing

to every song I hear

then when you’re near

you light up the day

but I also know

it’ll never be

so I go back home

and hope I can get over you

Crimson red

On our breaths
Secrecy lingers
We don’t know why
But we’re like

We never meant
For this to last
Wipe it all away
It’s in the past

But still we’re stood here
Melancholy whispers
In the breeze
A silence that lingers
Like a ghost amongst the trees
All the blood that has been shed
In secrecy
Will mess with our heads
And you will walk away
Nothing said
Just a stream flowing through it
Crimson red

(c) 2015