Screws loose

An old one for today’s post

Me mind is racin’ two times a dozen
Bloomin insane!
Thats what the doctors’ll say
Bloomin doctors!
White coats!
Nah they wear flashy suits
Tie an all
What business they got wearing them?
They aint bloomin business men!

Lock me up and throw away the key!
Thats what they’d go and bloomin’ do!
Me? on a psych ward? Kiddin’ me aren’t ya?
t’ fookin sane for this lot
Got a few screws missin’
I admit
But they’ve only fallen behin’ bloody bed
I tell ya, my room is a right bloomin’ mess!

Eee! If me mother were to see it
She’d ‘ave a fit
Bloomin’ mothers
Always got somethin’ to complain about
Oh my, she don’t beat around the bush
No, comes right out with it!
“Ya flats a tip! Looks like a bomb site” She’ll say

Well i don’t mind
As long as i can find me screws
Before the bloody doctors
Notice i got ’em loose