Pick up ya dog shit

Dog shit
It fuckin’ stinks
So why do you
Make me roll in it!
Ya fuckin’ prick!

Get ya shit bag
And fill it!
Ya prick!
Some of us got baskets of milk
Takin’ it home
So I can make porridge!

But ya’ve gone and left ya dog shit
Right in middle
Of fuckin’ path
I tried to get around it
Couldn’t cross the fuckin’ road!
Curb was too damn high!
I was stuck!
Trying to swereve round it

Pick up ya dog shit
Ya fuckin’ prick.

(C) 2016 Jan

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2 thoughts on “Pick up ya dog shit

  1. tarnishedsoul July 3, 2016 / 7:15 pm

    Although I’m rolling with laughter (and hopefully not in shit), I do realize this poem probably had some inspiration. LOL


    • M.J July 3, 2016 / 7:24 pm

      yea. People who let their dogs shit in the middle of a pavement, or anywhere on the pavement for that matter and then don’t pick it up in dog poo bags, inspired me. After getting shit on my wheelchair wheels (really hard to clean that shit!) Pun intended. Because it was on a pavement and wheelchair users, unlike people who walk, don’t have the option of stepping over the dog shit, we either get off the pavement, cross the road or have to try and find a way around it, failing that we have to roll through it. If you’re on a path which i was where the curb is too high to get off the pavement, and turning round to cross to find a level where you can cross won’t work either because on the opposite side of the road at the same point, it goes too narrow for a wheelchair user leaving me only option, try to swerve round it the best i can, but otherwise my only option left is to roll through it.

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