Last Swing

We have battles with our demons
Our own wars in our heads
Blood, sweat and tears today are still shed
But instead of world war
It’s hell inside our minds
With all of these tyrants
Pulling the wool over our eyes
We see him in the mirror
But we don’t look
We think the enemy is someone else
And that’s why you miss your own left hook
The enemy is within us
And to think he can be defeated
Is a lie we’re sold
All we can do is keep fighting
Some days we’ll win
But the fight is never over
Until you take your last swing.

Beauty & the beast

For all I’ve done
I see the monster I’ve become
And in the speed of light
I’m struck dumb

Nowhere to go
Just a beast
In human clothes

The scales upon my back
Sharpened anticipating attack
Claws dig down
Finding roots to cling to

As I froth at the mouth
Taking a bite from rotten apples
Maggots abound

Eyes black shielding a soul behind
But there’s an ocean inside

Trying to figure out
What it is to be human
I observe them all
And even I
Always fall in love with someone

I shroud my face
And take a dagger to my heart
In beauty I have no place
So I’ll stand apart

© SilverbackGorilla Poetry.




I’m taking on my demons role
staring him in the face
I take a step back
Sharpening my knife

I reject the monsters bark
Cutting his mask
From my face

It’s been sewn on
And underneath
I become no one

Which is a new monster
In of itself

What have I done

I stare at my nothingness
Mouth gaping open
Without a sound

But I can hear my scream
Inside my labyrinth

Who am I
What am I meant to be?

(c) Jan 2016