The boys we were

We sat and watched the trains
Listened to their wheels screech on the line
Our faces dusty and muddy from play
But we always fell to silence to watch the trains
Going this a-way and that a-way
And we mimicked the sounds in our games

We’d run too close to the tracks
And our mothers screamed “Get back!”
And oh how we laughed
And our faces looked on with anticipation
As the rumble of a train could be heard
In the distance

And the paper mill would sound an alarm
And we’d burrow down under a bench
Because under there we’d come to no harm
Our grandfathers told us of the wars
And in our imaginations a fight was ahead
And we were evacuee’s waiting for a train

And our little dusty faces
Peered under hats
And our grandparents would clean us
By spitting onto a handkerchief
And we’d squirm
And wash our faces again behind their backs

Now the boys we used to be
Sit frozen in sepia photographs

Written in 2014-2015 (c)

Left me blue

I don’t want to let you go
I want to float away with you
I want to go into oblivion too
My identity insists on you

I can still hear your footsteps echoing
I’m trying to reconstruct these memories
Sharp as razor edges, broken in pieces

I’m trying to find our reflection
But all I see is a stranger fading from me
Your face began to wane
And now you look like anyone

And I’m afraid
Because though you’re slipping away
I’ve left a part of me too
And it’ll always be with you
But all you left me
Were different shades of blue

2014-2015 (c)

Space Cowboy

Out on the moon
A cowboy rides a unicorn tonight
He won’t be home soon
He’s out for the long ride
He smells of whiskey and wine
Has a beard marking days gone by
But he doesn’t mind
Because he got to where he set his sights
No mountain was too high
And he takes a light
Smokes his cigarettes
And breathes in his dreams through the hazy night

© 2015

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Mechanical death

Like a body just awakened
In his tomb

In the stillness of the night
My dust coated eyes
Open wide

In the silence of the dark
My sewn lips come undone
The stillness of my heart
Suddenly it beats like a drum

When I blink
My eyes creak
That’s how long it’s been
When I open my cracked lips
My tongue nearly falls off its hinge

Like a toy they can wind
The mechanisms in my mind
The gears begin turning
Behind my doll like eyes
Eternity is burning

And once again
I burden the world
With yet another breath
Just when nature
Thought it had seen to my death


Written in 2014 Posted on previous blog

Years worth of screaming

The scratching echoes through my skull
Can’t escape the noise as I’m being engulfed
My silent cry barley reaches the surface
Diving in head first, hoping I fell unnoticed
Legs kicking, hands frantically reaching
Trying to remember all of life’s little teachings
Instead all I hear is screeching
As my lungs burst open
With years worth of screaming


© 2015

Dance me to the moon

Dancing shadows
And a moon lit sky
Nostalgic for a lost lover
Cradled in my arms once over
Enduring the bliss from which I once recovered

Making the hairs stand on my neck
Engaging in a lust that will leave me a wreck

Tormenting my soul, in ways,
Only I can know

Hazardous lust under rain clouds
Enigmatic kisses behind a foggy shroud

Moonlight flickers behind trees
Omniscient presence watching from above
Only us and our secrets between the light and us
No one need know we painted the night red, in lust.