Angst NaPoWriMo 14

We anchor ourselves to illusions
Desperately hanging on to ideals
A battle between lofty dreams
And the abyss we’re forced to stare into

If we just breathe
And stop beating these primal urges
down into our anguish
maybe we’d be spared
The bloodbath
Awaiting us on the other side
of this Armageddon

If we could look upon the dirt
we try to abandon
With admiration
Maybe we could be held afloat
Instead of drowning
we could deaden this angst
That disables us

How men are made

Boys dropped out of school
Gloom broadcast on their faces
Old exuberance long gone
Weathered and worn

Stubbing cigarettes
Under ill-fitting shoes
Ducking from another punch
Milling about
Fists swung in anger

Another blow meticulously swayed
Newsboys dressed in flatcaps
& plaid
Another fight from hanging on
Around street corners too late

Suited up going to fathers funerals
Sunglasses to hide eyes ablaze
With fury and sadness
Cigarette butts stubbed out
Along with their secrets

And they’ll tell ‘em
That this is how men are made

(C) 2016 March

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Years worth of screaming

The scratching echoes through my skull
Can’t escape the noise as I’m being engulfed
My silent cry barley reaches the surface
Diving in head first, hoping I fell unnoticed
Legs kicking, hands frantically reaching
Trying to remember all of life’s little teachings
Instead all I hear is screeching
As my lungs burst open
With years worth of screaming


© 2015