High horses

They saddle up on their high horses
And frown on us
Cause they think they know
The Man
And they don’t see the blood
On their hands
‘Cause they think
The Man will understand

And they preach that when
the man comes around
We’ll be the gallows rumour
Suspended over the gallows humour
Burning feet first
For all the blessings cursed
And every prayer is just rehearsal
For when the flames immerse us

Upon their high horses
They will frown upon us…

Cause they think they know
The man

©Silverbackgorillapoetry 2016 July


The music continues


The music continues
Like it’s all not happening
It’s surreal
Noticing time doesn’t stop
When tragedy strikes the clock
It keeps ticking
Time not registering
Your departure
And the music continues
I sit back in my chair
Drinking up the empty air
Dust in my lungs
Grief stricken
and it’s so surreal
How time doesn’t care
How it doesn’t just stop there
Spits you out and strips you bare
And the music continues

© 2016 June

The guitar weeps

The guitar weeps
Men in blue suits
Dancing lights
And girls swish their skirts

Candy coloured Identities
Go berserk
On the floor
Musical masturbation
Dancing like
we’re stripping bare

A form of emancipation
Loving decapitated notions
Of religious word
Tired of loving
What was never there

They call us dirty
As we drink our rum
And smoke our tokes
We’re acting like
We’re from the 60’s

Taking a detour
From prudish disgust
Baring it all
Under midnight lights
Of burning lust

Randy bodies
Wounded from a god
Not here or there
Trying to free ourselves
From ideas of sin
And that of hell

Are we obedient
To the rebellion?
All the pushers
On the streets
“Take another! You’ll be free!”
Neon lights
And screams misheard
For pleasure
As we screw
Into tighter
Trying each other on
With no one to spare.

(C) 2016 March

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In a field of yellow flowers
I sit with my guitar

In front of me is a piano

That had fallen from the sky

Then a woman comes and plays along

And together in sync

We begin to sing


This is our time together

Let’s keep some mystery

Lots of things to find out

Plenty of things to dream

So hush, baby

Don’t tell me all your secrets

We’ve got time for that

Anyway they’re just so darn good to keep


When the night falls

Together we will sleep

The spiders won’t matter

Cause we’ll be deep in dream

(c) 2015 Posted on previous blog