Shut up buttercup

Photograph taken Silverbackgorilla/spacetryannosaur

Shut up buttercup and lay in the grass
We’ll watch the Jays fly past
his blue feathers not so covert
the king of the oaks
Watch him fly
and gleam all that he knows
His dinosaurian voice
And moustachioed wisdom
calling to us
the harshness of reality
as we lay back on fields of yellow
soft beneath our skin
yielding to our unrelenting bodies
in this monstrous
yet wondrous world

photography challenge: self portrait

I’ve not been making it to the bird hides of late, so i searched for photography challenges to try and inspire myself. The list of challenges i found started with my worst nightmare. A self portrait. I often take the piss out of people taking their selfies.

So let me take a moment to humble myself and become one of you selfie takers…


Silverbackgorillaphotography ©