Blue sirens and yellow daffodils. #NaPoWriMo poem 1

Blue sirens
Blue lights smother the sky
Urgency is calling

Mouth agape
Heart falling apart
Memories whiz by
In the taillights

Mourning rises
Flowers point to the sun.
As if the world didn’t stop
The night it went wrong

Daffodils dare to live
In front of you
Yellow and bold

Confronting you
Defying all breath
heavily exhaled from your lungs

How come life carries on
After she’s gone?


These are lyrics in my mind, more so than poetry.

I miss having something to miss
I’m a loser
A misfit in ordinary clothes
better call the doctor
I’ve been drinkin’
Gotten to my liver
I keep getting these shivers
I’ve gone blind
Is it any wonder
I never see eye to eye
I’m a loser
A misfit in ordinary clothes

I miss wanting to quit
I want to quit not quitting
Ain’t touched a blade
Since I don’t know when
Wonder what’s wrong with that
Is it the alcohol
Or am I really fine
It’s too late in the day
I can’t tell if it’s not okay
I think I don’t know
A single fucking thing

I’m just a misfit
In ordinary clothes.


The wind against my face
With no one around
To see I’m part of the human race
Going at my own pace
I don’t care for empty platitudes
I don’t wanna talk to you

I’ll be alone in my own mind
And I don’t care cause I got the time
I don’t keep on your watch
I don’t walk the line
Not so linear
In this head of mine

I’m always in the wrong place
For I don’t fit in, anyway
So what do I care if I step behind
Never keeping up
With you men in your ties
It’s just a noose around your neck

I’m running loose
Cause, what the heck
I don’t need those shiny shoes
I won’t slick my hair back
And look like you

I’ll listen to Bob Dylan
In my car with the window open
On a winters day
Cuz we got the blues
And only the wind knows what to do.

Screws loose

An old one for today’s post

Me mind is racin’ two times a dozen
Bloomin insane!
Thats what the doctors’ll say
Bloomin doctors!
White coats!
Nah they wear flashy suits
Tie an all
What business they got wearing them?
They aint bloomin business men!

Lock me up and throw away the key!
Thats what they’d go and bloomin’ do!
Me? on a psych ward? Kiddin’ me aren’t ya?
t’ fookin sane for this lot
Got a few screws missin’
I admit
But they’ve only fallen behin’ bloody bed
I tell ya, my room is a right bloomin’ mess!

Eee! If me mother were to see it
She’d ‘ave a fit
Bloomin’ mothers
Always got somethin’ to complain about
Oh my, she don’t beat around the bush
No, comes right out with it!
“Ya flats a tip! Looks like a bomb site” She’ll say

Well i don’t mind
As long as i can find me screws
Before the bloody doctors
Notice i got ’em loose