NaPoWriMo: Alone sparrows

I’ve got a teenage forehead
but the rest of me has aged
I look pretty funny
but I never claimed to be anything but this mismatched man
if God is real I guess me being whole wasn’t part of the plan
God must’ve thought I could live on the edges
but look around
they’re all fenced up
ask yourself where are the birds and the hedges?
Does a bird mistake a fence for a hedge?
No, he knows.

It’s me alone with the sparrows.

Embrace the corduroy phase

Embrace the corduroy phase
Wear them in black then
Slowly fade to beige
It’s not a sign of age
It’s a temperament change
Some arrive from black to red
Standing out from the crowd
But they’re usually certified insane

Enjoy the tracksuit/sweatpants stage
Those lazy days
Where what you’re wearing feels like a hug
Around your legs
All warm and snug
As a bug in a rug

Love white sports socks
I don’t care what they say
Along with grey Y fronts
Yea that’s right, Y fronts

It’s not about age
It’s about comfort in simplicity

©Silverbackgorillapoetry 2016 July