Sickness consumes my days

Nausea is consuming my days. I can’t eat and I can’t not eat. I can’t do a damn thing. It just happens every single fucking day. It’s a really niggling sickness that feels like it’s right the depths of my stomach. I come online between the waves of it, when it feels a little less niggling. It gets to to be i feel so bad I’m literally trembling with what feels like a massive surge of absaloute weakness taking on all my limbs, especially my legs.

Fuck. I feel like giving up my meds to see if one of them is irritating my stomach. But can I even deal with what would come from not taking them?

I’m getting close to giving up my anti-depressants. Yea you think i’m miserable git on them? wooooahhh boy you wanna see me off them. Seriously.