I hate myself

I disturb me. I’m tired of life and death, I’m tired of me. I’m tired of other people and their baggage, their emotions, their problems, their excuses. I’m tired of what I go through not being worthy of the pain I feel. It makes me feel pathetic, I hate when I see someone with genuine suffering and all I can think is “I have all this pain inside, and my reasons aren’t worthy of the pain I feel. My pain is not worthy yet I feel it because I’m pathetic” I feel like a clown with those endless handkerchiefs, I have endless pain. A deep harrowing hole that can’t be emptied, that can’t be fulfilled. It can’t be either because it’s nothing and it’s everything.

What I really want to do is, cut myself off from the world, allow myself to mourn life and take a painless exit.


I am the dregs of society

I am a parisitic human

I don’t know quite how or why

I become to be molded to occupy

this special niche

Like a finches beak

molded by the seeds that are plenty

I am molded by something not yet known

i can only speculate

why I feel this way

and do the things I do or dont do

and indeed the things I do and don’t say.

But it’s all a big tangled mess


i am the dregs of society

this is my place

feasting on all that is yours

with little to no worth

just sliming along

trying to be a better man

but failing by the virtue of my nature

for I am of the parasitic human species

I’m not like you

with your worth and your earned respect

I am the dregs of the society