The Rose of Jericho

The internet has become white noise
Constantly there inside our heads
Beckoning voices
Of all dissenting opinions
Facts and alternative ‘facts’
Politics, politics
Fucking politics
So much, “I’m right, you’re left”
Handing weapons to one another
Via the mishandling of language
Everyone an expert
In things they know none
The age of ignorance
Not information
Snowballing into oblivion
All these voices
Becoming a life of their own
Rolling till they find their hold
Ressurecting themselves like the rose of jericho
Casting aside all the things we’ve come to know
To gather together and say the same old shit
In bubbles all our own
The illusion of connection
Making us feel wordly
Mass delusions of grandeur
Another selfie to look happy, happy, happy!
Projecting images of who we think we ought to be
And projecting onto one another
The parts of us we hate to see
I’m good, you’re bad.
I’m moral, you’re sick
I’m strong, you’re weak
I’m never offended
I’m offended by everything
No more middle ground

The internet is nuanced
But your bubbles not.

Be an arsehole

I wish I could be an arsehole like you

not caring what others think

not giving any thought to what you do

but then sometimes I glimpse

that side of you

that maybe isn’t too bad

and then I hate it, because then I can’t remember

if I’m meant to feel sorry for you, or pissed off

and you’ve already taken too much sympathy from me

being angry at you feels better

because I can’t take the sorrow of it on my shoulders

so go and be an arsehole

so I can stop caring too.